Astronomers have obtained the first direct image of a planetary system sun-like star

Astronomers have obtained the first in the history of the young sun-like star around which turn two giant exoplanets. Direct images of exoplanetary systems is extremely rare and until now astronomers could not directly see more than one planet orbiting the Sun-like star. Such observations may help to understand how it formed and evolved planets of the Solar system. Article published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Using the VLT of the European southern Observatory Oleksandr Bon (Alexander Bohn) of Leiden University, together with colleagues received the first direct image of a planetary system from a sun-like star. TYC 8998-760-1, whose age is only 17 million years old, located about 300 light years from Earth in the constellation Flies. Orbited by two gas giants, which are much more massive than the giants of the Solar system: the mass of the inner planet exceeds the mass of Jupiter is 14 times, and 6 times. The heavenly bodies are located at distances of approximately 160 and 320 astronomical units (one astronomical unit equals the average distance from the earth to the Sun) is much further from its star than Jupiter and Saturn from the Sun.

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