Astronomers revealed the recent mosaic image from the “Spitzer”

Astronomers have revealed a mosaic image that has been created from the last snapshot, the space infrared telescope “Spitzer”, is received five days prior to transition Observatory to the mode of eternal “sleep.” It shows a plot of the emission nebula NGC 1499 “California” in the constellation Perseus, well known to astronomers-fans. About it it is reported on the website of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

Infrared Observatory “Spitzer” was launched into space in August 2003 and became one of the four “Great observatories”. The objectives of her research were the most different objects in the Universe — from distant galaxies to planets and small bodies of the Solar system. The initial “cold” scientific programme for two-and-a-half years, was extended until may 2009, when the final stocks of the refrigerant in the liquid helium ran out.

However, two modules of the instrument IRAC (Infrared Array Camera), the leading observations in the shortwave infrared range, has not lost its efficiency, and then the telescope was resumed in the framework of the “warm” observational program.

At the end of January 2020, the telescope has officially completed its work and passed into the eternal mode of “hibernation”. In the last week of “Spitzer” continued observation of the objects captured in the field of view, dominated by the emission nebula NGC 1499 “California”. It is at the distance of about a thousand light years from the Sun in the constellation of Perseus and from a scientific point of view is interesting for astronomers object.

To create a mosaicked image of the area of the nebula we have used several images obtained by IRAC January 25, 2020 at different wavelengths in the infrared range: 3.6 V (blue) and 4.5 (green) micrometers. The reddish glow of the nebula visible in the optical range, due to gas ionized fluxes of the blue giant, XI Persei or Menkib. Infrared image of the nebula shows the distribution of the fibers from the heated dust.

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