Atomic “Poseidon” was first launch from a submarine in the fall of 2020

The first launch of the future strategic nuclear Autonomous underwater vehicle “Poseidon” on Board the submarine is scheduled for autumn 2020. As reports RIA Novosti, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, the device will be launched from a submarine special purpose “Belgorod” project 09852, the first operating carrier “of Poseidon”.

Developing a new underwater robot equipped with a nuclear power plant in March of this year, said the President of Vladimir Putin. According to him, the machine, which later adopted the name “Poseidon” can “at a very great depth” to move between the continents. Such a robot will be able to carry a nuclear warhead and under water to develop greater speed.

According to Putin, a new underwater robot capable of hitting a variety of targets, including aircraft carrier groups and shore fortifications. The device is equipped with a nuclear power plant occupying a hundred times smaller, but issuing more power than modern reactors of submarines.

The development of “Poseidon” is conducted in the framework of the project “Status-6”. First information about the project appeared in November 2015, whenn Federal channels showed a report about a meeting held by the President of and is dedicated to the development of the armed forces and defense industry of the country.

Then the TV showed a few frames on which a General holds in his hand a printout of the presentation with a description of underwater vehicle “Status-6” generated by the Central design Bureau for marine engineering “Rubin”.

In the printout it was argued that a new underwater robot designed to destroy important enemy targets on the coast with the “creation of vast zones of radioactive contamination”. It was stated that the movement of the robot will be not less than ten thousand kilometers, and depth — one thousand meters. The robot will be able to reach speeds of up to 185 kilometers per hour.

Tests of individual components and assemblies, “of Poseidon” is held in the end of 2018. In particular, check on an underwater test rig is a nuclear power plant is a promising device. Earlier it was reported that to complete the development “of Poseidon” is scheduled until 2028.
Details about the upcoming tests of advanced underwater robot “Poseidon” were not disclosed. According to a source RIA Novosti, in the present apparatus fully assembled yet.

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