AVX Aircraft introduced the draft multi-purpose high-speed rotorcraft

American company AVX Aircraft presented the project of high-speed multi-purpose rotary wing aircraft, which the company plans to offer the U.S. Army in the framework of the tender FVL. According to the Executive Director of Kendall Goodman, which leads to Jane’s, the new device will be designed in such a way that in the horizontal flight, substantially reduce the load on the propellers that will be beneficial to distinguish it from the high-speed multipurpose helicopter, SB>1 Defiant. The latter is offered by Boeing and Sikorsky for the contest FLRAA tender FVL.

AVX Aircraft company has already filed applications for participation in two tenders in the tender FVL: FARA, which planned to develop high-speed light military reconnaissance helicopter, and FLRAA, involving the creation of high-speed multipurpose helicopter. Both of these tenders AVX Aircraft were excluded. In the first competition of contracts to develop prototypes of aircraft has received Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky (suggested machines Bell Invictus 360 and Raider-X, respectively), and the second — Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky/Boeing (machine V-280 Valor and SB>1 respectively).

The project is a promising multi-purpose high-speed rotorcraft, developed by AVX Aircraft, based on a combat reconnaissance helicopter, which the company offered the competition FARA. The new device is scheduled to perform a large cargo ramp in the rear. The car will be two wings in the nose and tail parts. The front wing will be located above the cockpit. The car will get contrariwise coaxial rotors and two pusher fans on the tail wing.

The developers believe that with two wings the future aircraft will be able to perform economical, but a quick flight over long distances. Due to the wing, the rotors will be substantially unloaded. In part, this will reduce fuel consumption and increase the overhaul life of some nodes. Other details about the project the new machine AVX Aircraft were not disclosed.

Tender FVL conducted by the U.S. Army over the past few years, involves the development and production of five types of new aircraft of army aviation: from reconnaissance and light to medium shock heavy transport that can compete in capacity with the transport planes.

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