Award Shao was awarded for “the Voyagers”, the spin glass and the repair of DNA

In Hong Kong declared winner of the Shao (Shaw Prize), the “Asian Nobel prize” which is awarded annually for significant discoveries in astronomy, mathematics, and biology and medicine. The award for 2019 has received the Edward stone (Edward Stone), head of mission, Voyager, Explorer of the DNA Yasin Maria (Maria Jasin) and mathematician Michel Talagrand (Michel Talagrand), who studied spin glass, is spoken in the message on the website of the award.

The award was established by media Mogul and philanthropist Shao Yifu (Shao Yifu) in 2002. Her lifetime reward “scientists, regardless of race, nationality and religious beliefs who have made significant discoveries in the academic and scientific research and development, and whose work has had a significant positive impact on humanity.” The prize is awarded in three categories: astronomy, life Sciences and medicine, mathematics. Candidates nominated by invited prize Shao experts, the selection Committee consists of the distinguished scientists, respected in their respective fields of science.

Prize in astronomy this year awarded to Professor California Institute of technology Edward stone, who for many years led a mission Voyager. This project, which has continued for more than 40 years, “has transformed our understanding of the planets the gas giants and the outer part of the Solar system and now brings us the knowledge about the interstellar space”.

Professor of Cornell University Maria Yassin was awarded the prize in biology and medicine. The jury noted her for her work in studying the recovery processes of DNA damage. Her work led eventually to the emergence of tools that can be used to edit mammalian genomes.

Mathematician Michelle Talaran from the Sorbonne, was noted for his work in the study of concentration inequalities and supremum stochastic processes, and the results obtained in the study of spin glasses.

The awarding of the prize, Shao has been held since 2004, this year it is awarded 16 times. In 2016, the prize money was increased from one million to 1.2 million dollars. The award ceremony will be held on September 25 in Hong Kong.

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