“Azbuka Vkusa” opened a fully automated shop without Cass

“Azbuka Vkusa” began testing in “Moscow-city” the store with no tills, which with the help of computer vision keeps track of what goods takes from the shelves the buyer, and the output will automatically deduct the money from his card without requiring from him any action. The technological side of the shop answers American company Zippin. While the shop is open only for certain buyers, but for one month it will be open to all comers, reports RBC.

Shops have been trying to automate the process of shopping, but until recently, it was down to the fact that in addition to the usual ticket office they installed self-checkout. But this principle of the work shop is based on trust to the buyer, so it is often behind the self-checkout still watching the employee, and in addition, it requires the buyer to scan all products.

In 2016, Amazon has opened a store where she was able to completely get rid of the payment process and employees. The buyer with the Amazon account and attached Bank card enters the store via the QR code just takes the right products from the shelves and leaving. For the purchase record responsible for the camera: it tracks the time when the buyer takes the product off the shelf, and adds it to the virtual basket, and if the buyer returned goods back, then it disappears from the virtual recycle bin. The output from person no action required — the payment is in the background.

Experimental shop “Azbuka Vkusa” in the tower “Federation” the centre “Moscow-city” works in the same way. For the entrance to the store, the user must install on the smartphone app Take&Go, register and bind the card to pay. At the entrance to the store installed a turnstile reads QR code from the app. The buyer also passes through the turnstile, but no action is required: the app itself withdraws the money and sends a notification to your smartphone and check for emails.

The store is open in conjunction with “ABC taste”, “Sberbank” and Visa, and is built on a ready set of technologies from American companies Zippin, helping to open such shops in other countries.

Last year the Institute opened the first automatic “Pyaterochka”. To enter it is also possible only by scanning the QR code, and the products in the cart adds a system based on computer vision, but the output is still installed self-checkout, although the purchase can be paid through the app.

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