Began production of an experimental batch of helicopters Ka-62

Arsenyev plant “Progress” has started production of the first experimental batch of helicopters Ka-62. According to the message of the government of Primorsky Krai, this party will include six vehicles, two of which will be used for nutrigrain traffic. Under current plans, the delivery of an experimental batch of helicopters will take place in 2021.

The ka-62 is developed since 2011. The machine was originally designed as a civilian version of a military multi-purpose helicopter Ka-60, but later became independent development. The new helicopter made its first flight in hover in April 2016 and may 2017 held the first full flight of the machine.

Maximum takeoff weight Ka-62 is 6.5 tons and the capacity — to 2.5 tonnes on an external sling. The machine can carry up to 15 passengers. The helicopter can reach the speed of 308 kilometers per hour and to perform flights at a distance of 770 kilometers.

Earlier it was reportedthat in 2020, will be completed certification of the corporate version of the Ka-62. This helicopter will be used to transport executives. The Seating capacity of the car is 9 people. Will host the 2022 certification offshore version of the helicopter, designed to fly above the water surface. It will be equipped with an emergency splashdown.

In the same year will be created and the version of the Ka-62 for search and rescue operations. Finally, in 2024, will appear in the police version of the car. Initially, the Ka-62 will be installed a French turboshaft engines Ardiden 3G, but later the car will get an power plant and transmission.

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