Began testing the landing systems, automatic, for air taxi

The American company Honeywell Aerospace has started testing of a prototype system for automatic planting, which will be established for future urban aircraft, including air taxis. As writes Flightglobal, while undergoing testing at the manned helicopter AS350 Ecureuil.

It is believed that the system of automation of different phases of flight will make a promising air taxi safer, including reducing the risk of human error. In addition, it is assumed that the automated flight control will implement a system of air traffic control similar devices in the city.

During the first test flight of the automatic landing system Honeywell Aerospace helicopter fly completely under the control of the pilot. The experts tested the system’s ability to recognize the exact landing site, marked with posters with QR codes.

Characteristics of the perspective of the system developers did not disclose. It is known only that among other things it consists of several chambers, which are responsible for recognition of landing sites. Are you going to use QR tags to denote landing sites is still unknown.

According to the developers, the first trial of automatic landing were successful. It is expected that the new system will experience a fully automatic landing in the coming year.

Previously, Honeywell Aerospace announced on the development of a lightweight cooling system MicroVCS for electric aircraft. The first such system will have a promising Israeli passenger plane Alice.

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