Begun clinical trials of a Russian vaccine from COVID-19

Virologic centre “the Vector” has started clinical trials of a vaccine against new coronavirus infection on the basis of peptides, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Vaccine “Vector” became the secondn vaccine which has reached the stage of clinical trials, the first was a vaccine based on adenovirus, created in the Center of Gamaliel.

“Just recently, we received permission to conduct clinical trials on a new vaccine against coronavirus… We started yesterday, 27 December, to conduct a phase I-II clinical trials. The vaccine differs from all these, it is a peptide, that is, the vaccine does not bear the biological agent in any part, and in this regard is absolutely reactogenna”, — said Popov, speaking at the virtual Symposium “the Impact of the pandemic COVID-19 and HIV on the achievement of sustainable development Goals 3.3”.

Everything in the world to have developed about 150 vaccines from COVID-19. In, the creation of vaccines against coronavirus, according to Popova, engaged in 17 research groups that have developed 26 versions of the vaccines. Early clinical trials of the vaccine started the Moscow centre of a name of Gamalei — he completed the first and second phase of the open clinical trials vector vaccines based on adenoviruses. This platform has already been used in the creation of vaccines from Ebola and middle East respiratory syndrome. The test, which involved 76 healthy volunteers, was to show the safety of the vaccine and its ability to build immunity. The results of phase I-II trial with this vaccine has not yet been published for the introduction into practice of drugs is required a third phase, however, when undertaken, not reported.

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