Bio-printer endoscope printed live with cleto on the model wall of the stomach

Chinese scientists have created a prototype bio-printer that can treat defects of the stomach wall, printing it on the inside of the patch with a hydrogel containing cells of the relevant tissues. It is delivered inside of the stomach through the esophagus, like the endoscope and then opens the folded parts and begins to apply layers of hydrogels. The authors showed the work of the bio-printer on the model of the stomach, having printed on its inner surface layers of skin cells and smooth muscles. Article published in the journal Biofabrication.

This is a device that can create three-dimensional structures from materials containing living cells of human or other animals that subsequently they became full-fledged pieces of fabric. While printing of complete organs — the ultimate goal of this technology, however, is very different. One of the problems that prevents the creation of artificial organs or of their fragments, is that for the treatment of defects of the internal organs necessary to carry out invasive surgery.

Recently a group of scientists from Belgium, China and the United States found an original solution to this problem. They developed a method that allows you to enter liquid solid billet under the skin, and then cure it with infrared radiation. The method previously shown good results, but it can only be used on tissues that are located deep under the skin.

Wensan Zhao (Zhao Wenxiang) and Xu Tao (Xu Tao) from Tsinghua University have created a 3D bio-printer that can be used even in the gastrointestinal tract without surgical incisions tissues. According to the principle of it is similar to the endoscope, but with the much larger tube diameter of three inches. This is more than the endoscopes used today, but the diameter is limited only at the end, where is the printer itself, and in other parts, where there are only a few cables and tube, it can be made much smaller.

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