Two in the room

Hello, I am a female Culex pipiens The uninvited guest — strictly speaking, a guest is likely to have been a female mosquito-Piskun Culex pipiens. From afar she could smell your scent and without looking back flew at him. A Read more

Unbidden protection

Pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 forced us to learn a lot not only about Virology and epidemiology, but also on the immune system. The presumption that immunity protects the body against external threats proved to be right not always. Many victims COVID-19 Read more

The silent pandemic

Zone “starry sky” In 1961, the British surgeon Denis Burkitt of living and practicing in Kenya, came to London to clear my mind and at the same time to read a few lectures to students and colleagues who loved to Read more

The human genome: twenty years later

Genetic telescope The project “human Genome” is sometimes called the most successful international scientific collaboration in history. However, at the start of the unanimous optimism of the scientific community has not felt the training was accompanied by public debate and Read more

On the tip of the needle

All of the developed vaccines can be divided into several types according to the platforms on which they are developed. Each of them has its pros and cons, development time. In speed through clinical trials in the global vaccine race Read more

Therapy evil

First steps When, in August 1996, the doctors from the clinic in new Jersey, entered the sperm of Mr. Ott in 14 oocytes Mrs. Ott, no one knew which of them will turn into little Emma and what the outcome Read more