Boeing put an unmanned slave on the chassis and turned on its system

American aircraft building concern Boeing has completed Assembly of fuselage of the first prototype of future unmanned Loyal wingman Wingman and set it on the chassis. According to the message of the concern, the experts also made the first burn of its on-Board systems in the assembled fuselage.

The program of the development of any technology is always performed in accordance with a specific schedule key stages. In the case of the Loyal Wingman, the production of a partially assembled apparatus on the chassis and incorporating its on-Board systems will allow developers to get a functional and comprehensive tests of the device, and install secondary systems.

According to the American company, the development of unmanned slave while being in accordance with the schedule. The first flight of the UAV is scheduled for the end of 2020. Other details about the program were not disclosed.

Boeing is developing unmanned Loyal wingman Wingman by order of the Ministry of defence of Australia. Promising the unit will be able to act as maintainer for manned combat aircraft. Why the military may need unmanned wingmen, read our article “Always there”. The layout of the drone, the American group first showed at the beginning of last year.

Under the agreement with the Australian military, Boeing must collect and test three prototype Loyal Wingman. Check drones will be on the test missile and space ground “Woomera” in South Australia. The results of these tests, Boeing will have to modify the vehicles.

Loyal Wingman will have a length of 11 meters and a wingspan of 11.7 metres. The unit will be able to perform flights on distance up to 3.7 thousand kilometers, bringing additional weapons or detection systems and surveillance.

According to the statement of Boeing, the drone will receive the artificial intelligence system that allows it to autonomously perform certain tasks and in combat to act like a manned fighter.

In January the U.S. company Kratos resumed testing of the demonstrator unmanned slave XQ-58A Valkyrie interrupted last fall after a crash landing that made one of such devices. The drone is created to benefit the U.S. air force.

About XQ-58A while it is known that the device has a length of 9.1 meters and a wingspan of 8.2 meters. The drone is able to carry a combat load weight of 272 kilograms in the internal weapons bays or on the external load and to perform flights at altitudes of up to 13.7 thousand meters. The apparatus belongs to a class of subsonic UAVs with long flight range.

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