Bradley tracked armored vehicles will be hybrid

The British company BAE Systems will modernize American tracked combat vehicles Bradley, is spoken in the message of the company. Under the agreement with the U.S. Army, the company needs to equip combat vehicles hybrid propulsion systems. It is expected that this improvement will make Bradley more maneuverable, lighter and more economical.

Bradley was accepted into service in 1981, is a universal tracked platform of military equipment, which are produced infantry fighting vehicle, reconnaissance, command, and some other machines. Mass Bradley is about 28 tons with a length of 6.6 metres, width of 3.6 meters and height 3 meters. Armored vehicle able to move at speeds up to 56 kilometers per hour on distance to 400 kilometres.

Bradley fighting vehicle equipped with a diesel engine Cummins VTA-903T with a capacity of 600 horsepower. The transmission is executed as a single unit with the engine and has three fixed forward gears and one back. Gear shifting is automatic. The drive from the engine is front-wheel gearing with the cycloid tracks. Sloths with the hydraulic mechanism of track tension on the back.

Under the agreement with the US Army, BAE Systems will create a modernized prototype of the Bradley, which diesel propulsion system will be replaced with hybrid electric drive wheels. Details about the composition of the hybrid propulsion system not specified. For BAE Systems, said that such a plant will allow to refuse from heavy hydromechanical control system in favor of a more easy and reliable fly-by-wire system.

After successful completion of testing of the prototype hybrid propulsion system will be equipped with all Bradley.

Last spring, the U.S. Army announced a tender for development of optionally-driven war machine, which in the future will replace the troops outdated Bradley. The new machine will have to operate in combat under the control of the crew, and without it.

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