British cows were given collars with 5G

Cisco Systems Inc. provided cows on one of the British farms collars with 5G. Using them automatic doilki will recognize the approaching animal and put it to the milking machine, reports Reuters.

The first option is newest at the moment of the data transmission standard 5G introduced two years ago. Since then, telecommunications companies have repeatedly spoken about the introduction of 5G and tested transmit a signal modems. Now the fifth version of the standard data transfer a common user is available only in some major cities (mostly in the US), and to provide access to most of the population of the planet is planned in the next few years.

While that is 5G, so basically it is tested for use for certain purposes: for example, to evaluate the stability of the connection to the railroad. This time the 5G standard is connected for use in automatic milking machine on a farm in the town of Shepton mallet, England. Robotic doily equipped with a special system that recognizes the signal from 5G-collar and opens the cow entrance to a milking machine, after which the cow gets a treat.

This is not the first time a new technology is used to monitor the lives of animals in agriculture: for example, in 2017 in China information about the life of chickens collected through technology of facial recognition, began to load the blockchain database.

Find out all details about the communication standard 5G and its predecessors you can use our material “high five”, which we prepared together with the ZTE company.

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