British students have learned to collect particles washable tires

British students from The Tire Collective team created a prototype device that is mounted on the steering blocks and captures the particles of the micro-plastic from flying from the tires during the drive. Currently they have developed a device that absorbs 60 percent of such micro-plastic, reports the portal designboom.

Microplastics call any plastic particles smaller than five millimeters. On land he pollutes the air in the fractions of dust PM2.5 (dust smaller than 2.5 microns) and are inhaled by living organisms, and the ocean swallowed by marine life and accumulate in the food chain. While 28 percent of the primary micro-plastic entering into the ocean comes back from automobile tires in the process of their Erasure. Unfortunately, in the future the number will grow: people are gradually moving to using electric vehicles, which by reason of the additional weight due to heavy battery tyre wear increases.

British students from the team The Tire Collective consulted with a Professor at Imperial College London Robert Shortino (Robert Shorten) and examined possible ways of solving the problem of environmental pollution by microplastics, separated from the tires. They found that these pieces of micro-plastic in the office receive an electrostatic charge, i.e., by measuring the electrostatic voltage on the wheels while driving, you can determine the level of tyre wear. The result of these observations is the experimental device that fits onto the steering knuckle and picks up particles of micro-plastic using various air flow around the wheel.

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