California 2045 would prohibit new trucks with internal combustion engines

The California air resources Board (California Air Resources Board, CARB), a government organization responsible for the environment in the state adopted new requirements for freight transport. According to this document, 2024 producers and sellers of trucks in California will be required to start a gradual transition to electric transport of this type. By 2045 all new trucks sold in California must be electric.

The introduction of the new regulations, the Council intends to gradually eliminate one of the largest sources of air pollution in the state. Rules were adopted in the framework of a broader program to transform transportation in California. In the framework of this programme was already adopted rules on the replacement by 2035, all vessels and vehicles in ports and railway hubs, operating on short distances, electric. The trucks used for delivery to the “last mile”, should be electric by 2040.

Today, several countries are implementing programs for the transition to more environmentally friendly modes of transport. Last spring in Germany began trial operation of the highway section with an electric contact line for charging electric and hybrid trucks. It is expected that this system will increase the energy efficiency of freight electric vehicles and reduce their impact on climate.

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