Canadians will experience a drone with an onboard system of evasion from collisions

The Ministry of transport of Canada approved the testing of unmanned aircraft producer Albatross flying beyond line of sight of the operator. As writes Flightglobal, the device will include automatic avoidance of collisions in the air Casia developed by the American company Iris Automation. During the flight the UAV will not be additional monitoring on the part of the people on the ground or with the help of radar stations.

Automatic avoidance of collisions in the air is one of the key technologies to development and the widespread use of unmanned aircraft. Using such systems, drones will be able to perform safe flights in common with manned spacecraft airspace, automatically detecting other objects in the air and changing its trajectory so that to avoid collision. Developing systems of evasion from collisions in the air for drones are few companies in the world.

The Casia system consists of optical-electronic camera, computer and software capable of real time processing high-definition video. Software is developed using machine learning technology. It can detect airborne targets at a camera on the flight path of the UAV, to classify them and calculate a new flight path of the UAV in such a way as to avoid the collision.

Tests with the Albatross system Casia will deal with canadian operator drones MVT Geo-solutions. Trials will be conducted at the site in the city Alma in the province of Quebec. It is located 270 kilometers North of Quebec city. It is planned to conduct a series of flight tests with the Albatross system Casia. If they are successful, Iris Automation plans to submit to the Ministry of transport of Canada, an application to carry out regular drone flight beyond line of sight of the operator. During such flights, the drones will be used to inspect infrastructure.

The first flight test of the system Casia was held in April last year in Kansas. They were carried out with the permission of the Federal office of civil aviation USA.

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