Cannabis flowers and concentrate provoked the same subjective feelings

Subjective feelings and cognitive impairment in the use of cannabis concentrate such as dried flowers from her, although the content of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which is several times less. Because in the first case the concentration of active substance in the blood after consumption is significantly higher, the authors of an article published in JAMA Psychiatry, believe that in the long term, the concentrate may cause more harm.

Marijuana, or cannabis for non-medical purposes is prohibited almost around the world, but in several countries it is a psychoactive substance it is possible to buy freely or by prescription. Effects of cannabis the subject of several studies, but the lab usually studied the influence of samples with a low content of Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the most active ingredient of marijuana), and the results of these works cannot be directly applied to products that sell in the legal market. Marijuana is available in two forms: as the dried flowers of cannabis or its concentrates; THC content in the flowers does not exceed 30 percent, and in concentrates reaches 70-90 percent. The difference between the effects of these two forms is poorly understood: it is unclear whether the type of product and the concentration of THC in it on subjective feelings and side effects.

A group of researchers from the University of Colorado under the direction of Bidwell Sinnamon (Cinnamon Bidwell) compared the effect of the flowers of cannabis (THC concentration of 16 or 24%) and cannabis concentrate (70 or 90 percent). For the study recruited 133 volunteers: 64 of them regularly consumed dried cannabis and 69 concentrate. After eating marijuana the usual way, the participants gave a blood test, filled out a questionnaire about the level of intoxication and mood, performed multiple cognitive tests and balance test. The same procedure participants experiment took place before the acceptance of marijuana and an hour after.

After cannabis use levels of THC in the blood increased dramatically and in an hour returned to the basic level. In volunteers who consumed a concentrate of cannabis the average THC level amounted to 1016 microgram per milliliter, and those who went to the flowers of hemp — 455 micrograms per milliliter.

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