Chemists broke the record for the ionic conduction of lithium for structures argyrodite

Chemists have proposed a new approach to obtaining a solid electrolyte for solid state lithium-ion battery on the basis of halogenosilanes thiophosphate lithium structure of the mineral argyrodite. With it, they received the material from the record among the materials of such structure and the ionic conductivity of lithium in 10.2 millisiemens per centimeter. Solid battery with such material a solid electrolyte turned out simpler and faster than previous counterparts. Article published in Nano Letters.

In solid-state batteries instead of liquid electrolyte, as in commonly lithium-ion or lead acid batteries use a safer solid electrolyte. Such batteries have a greater density of stored energy, charge faster and last longer retain their capacity compared to lithium-ion batteries.

To date, solid-state batteries are used in pacemakers, however, high cost does not allow to replace lithium-ion batteries solid-state throughout. However, engineers are actively working on the development of solid-state batteries — last month scientists from Samsung presented a prototype of such a battery with composite anode made of silver and carbon.

Over the last decade received a lot of connections on the basis of thiophosphate lithium, in which ion conductivity of lithium cations was more than ten millisiemens per centimeter, for example, for Liof 9.54Si1,74POf 1.44S11,7Cl0,3 — 25 millisiemens per centimeter. But these remedies suffer from such technological problems as instability in the air, many of the components during synthesis, and a narrow range of concentration at which the substance kristallizuetsya. Lithium materials, with a mineral structure argyrodite alternative crystalline ionic conductors for lithium cation, which is able to cope with all of these technological difficulties due to its electrochemical stability. Such ion conductors, scientists still receive conventional methods including melting the source of reagents and solid phase reactions, which leads duration and high cost of synthesis.

Kim Hyun Chul (Kim Hyoungchul) with their colleagues from the Korean Institute of science and technology received argyrodite lithium by alloying of the mechanical impact at the maximum energy, followed by rapid annealing. This material has a high crystallinity and homogeneity, which are considered essential for the effective operation of the solid-state battery.

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