Chinese spaceship of the new generation successfully returned to Earth

Chinese spaceship of the new generation, launched into earth orbit on 5 may 2020, successfully returned to Earth. According to the message Chinese Engineering Directorate for manned space flight (CMSE), the ship successfully landed at 13:49 local time (8:49 time Moscow) on may 8. In orbit, the machine spent 2 days 19 hours.

The Chinese ship, designed to transport astronauts to the space station perspective, designed to carry up to six astronauts. According to the draft, the mass of the ship will be from 14 to 20 tons depending on the version. At the time held a test flight in orbit with a height of from 300 to 8000 kilometres aboard the ship the crew was not. All past verification experts recognized successful.

In addition to tests of various spacecraft systems, including heat shields and control system, the Chinese experts conducted a series of studies. In particular, conducted research and testing of several types of lubricants designed to operate in microgravity. Measurements were conducted microgravity and inspection system for the detection of air leaks.

On Board the spacecraft was also set the device to launch nanosatellites type CubeStar. This device was made of metal, using additive technologies. The experts evaluated the suitability of additive technologies for making various space equipment. Finally, the ship was several types of oilseeds.

Spacecraft of the new generation was launched into orbit by rocket-carrier “Changzheng-5 B” (CZ-5B). It was the first rocket launch in this modification. First, China has launched a heavy launch vehicles CZ-5, designed for the withdrawal of payload into geostationary orbit. CZ-5B designed for a payload in low earth orbit. The rocket, designed to launch payloads weighing up to 25 tons, has a launch weight of 837 tonnes.

During his second flight of the CZ-5B will lead to low-earth orbit a basic module advanced space station. This launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021.

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