Climate change and people different influence on mammals in different parts of the globe

The diversity, appearance and environmental requirements of modern large mammals in the tropics and subtropics depend on human impact and climate change in the past and from the modern influence of the same factors but in different parts of the globe, the contribution of climatic and anthropogenic influence are not the same, reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The most unpredictable were the mammal fauna (mammal fauna) of Madagascar.

The biosphere is constantly undergoing a lot of changes, but the largest is now caused by climate change and human activities (the first, in turn, at the moment largely comes at the expense of the second). For scientists it is important to understand how these changes respond to animals (particularly mammals) and how similar factors influenced them before.

The researchers, led by Jason Kamilaroi (Jason M. Kamilar) from the Massachusetts Institute of technology collected data on 515 species of large land mammals that inhabit the Indo-Malayan, Neotropical, Malagasy and Afrotropical zoogeographic regions (considered in 105-170 species from each area). These areas are the most species-rich. The researchers estimated how close relatives have each other animals within specific communities, what size are they and weight what they eat.

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