Cognitive Pilot make the drone more than 200 harvesters in the fields of

company-developer of unmanned vehicles and agricultural equipment Cognitive Pilot signed a contract for the automation of 242 harvesters of the company “Rusagro”. The control system is capable of fully Autonomous to move around the field, tracking the objects on it, including various structures, such as edge, row and swath. The first automatic harvesters under contract will go to the field in mid-June, and to complete the automation of the company plans in 2021.

When cleaning fields used combine harvesters that drive through the field and cut off ears and collect them from the grain. They consistently go on the field strips. Because typically, fields have a size of tens or hundreds of acres, deviations from the ideal trajectory, with a maximum capture of the ears cause the cleaning time is greatly increased and the effectiveness of the company falls.

In modern combine harvesters have already applied tracking trajectory by GPS, but it only partially solves the problem with the passage of the field and does not relieve the operator (driver) of the processor from having to follow other cars, people, poles or other objects on the field. In recent years, due to the rapid development of unmanned vehicles some companies are beginning to automate agricultural technique, but a significant part of the algorithms because of the nature of work can not be taken from the field of cars and have to adapt or develop from scratch.

Then company Cognitive Technologies for several developing and testing technologies for unmanned vehicles, including agricultural machines, and at the end of 2019 Sberbank created for this area a separate company Cognitive Pilot. Now she has signed a contract for the automation of more than 200 cars, agricultural company Rusagro. Cognitive Pilot beginning in June 2020, will gradually install its equipment on the existing harvesters of the company in the Tambov, Kursk, Belgorod and Orel oblasts and Primorska region. To finish installation, the company plans in 2021.

For automation of the harvester company engineers install the camera computing unit, the GPS receiver and RTK corrections and tablet to control, as well as dosing pump with digital control and the sensor of rotation of the wheels in order that the algorithms could control the machine movement. In automatic mode, the processor can recognize the eld structure and foreign objects, to go on the edge of the row or felling, depending on the task and the type of crops, and also to avoid collision with objects.

Despite the fact that driving on the field fully meet the algorithms, they will still work together with the driver, but his task will be to monitor the parameters of the cleaning process. The company claims that the introduction of unmanned harvesters allows to reduce losses of grain during harvest up to two times, thereby reducing the cost of grain is about 3-5 percent.

It is unknown whether the combine harvesters, implement new contract to support this function, but in 2017 Cognitive Technologies showed test of unmanned harvester at night that could potentially allow efficiently clean the field around the clock.

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