Complete optomechanical resonator measured the frequency of vibrations of a single bacteria

Biomechanics measured low-frequency oscillations of bacteria using an optomechanical resonator. Scientists have also built a theoretical model of coupled damped harmonic oscillators and defined, how ranges bacterium on the surface of the resonator. Article published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Scientists have measured the vibrational properties of molecules by inelastic optical scattering and optical absorption to determine their chemical structure, which is particularly interesting for biological molecules and structures. There has long been a theoretical prediction of existence of low-frequency vibrational modes in nucleic acids, proteins, viruses and bacteria. With these mod physics can obtain information on the flexibility of biological objects, which is sensitive to conformation changes, complexation and changing environmental conditions. It is known, for example, that many diseases are directly linked to the flexibility of molecules and biological structures.

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