COVID-19 turned out to be dangerous for the baby

Doctors from Wuhan showed the possibility of transmission of novel coronavirus infection in newborns and severe disease in these children. Their study published in JAMA Pediatrics. Previously, we reportedthat in pregnant women with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19 born only healthy children, but those data were obtained on a smaller sample and was premature.

As identified all new cases COVID-19, clarifies the characteristics of this infection. If at the beginning of the epidemic it was thought that the disease mainly affects older people, and young flows easily, after it became clearthat she was quite affected and middle-aged people and they also often require mechanical ventilation. For a long time it was not known of severe cases in children, and the first messages about the status of infected pregnant women and their babies did not contain references of infection of newborns.

Now staff at Children’s hospital of Wuhan city presented a report on 33 cases of childbirth in patients with novel coronavirus infection (she was identified by PCR of nasopharyngeal swabs and anus) and postnatal care from January to February 2020. Each woman gave birth to one child.

COVID-19 revealed the three boys. They all came to light as a result of caesarean section, because their mothers had developed pneumonia and because of some other problems. One of the affected children were premature (31 weeks). A healthy cesarean section was applied in 23 cases out of 30.

All three children on the second and fourth days after birth, tests revealed the virus, and the sixth (or seventh in the case of one of them) — no longer exists. Preterm and one born at term pneumonia manifested itself from birth, the second term on the second day. This diagnosis was confirmed by chest x-ray and computed tomography (in case of prematurity).

In addition to pneumonia, two young patients manifested fever, and the one who was born after 31 weeks of pregnancy, was suspected sepsis, which was treated with antibiotics. In the ICU they had 2, 4 and 11 days (the most — premature baby, he also needed mechanical ventilation). All survived.

The way in which children were infected COVID-19 and when it happened — before or after birth is unknown. The authors note that measures to prevent infection during the stay of mothers in hospital and the birth was very strict, so unlikely that the infection of children has occurred in a medical facility.

However, in comments on page of a research article molecular immunologist Alzabin Saba (Saba Alzabin) from Nabta Health draws attention to the fact that all of the infected were born by caesarean section and the symptoms appeared only two days after birth. It is, in its opinion, may indicate a hospital-acquired infection. However, in her comments, there is error: not all healthy children were born naturally (and she claims that all) and in one patient the symptoms occurred immediately.

It turns out that COVID-19 is difficult, with fever and pneumonia, can occur even in the youngest patients, and they are likely to become infected from mothers. However, the mechanism of infection to be determined.

Recently Chinese scientists have evaluated the effectiveness of the measurestaken to Wuhan to slow the spread of the virus, and came to the conclusion that without them the number of cases in China outside of this city would be 96 percent higher.

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