Crew Dragon astronauts successfully docked with the ISS

Manned spacecraft Crew Dragon with two astronauts on Board carried out a successful docking with the ISS fully automatically. After stabilization of pressure and temperature on the docking station, as well as various checks, the hatches of the ship and the station will be opened and the crew will go to the station. Stream flight and docking took place on the YouTube channel SpaceX.

Crew Dragon is manned spacecraft developed by SpaceX to transport astronauts to the ISS under contract with NASA. It is capable of carrying four crew members and spend at station more than 200 days. Also since SpaceX mission CRS-21 which will begin in October 2020, will use the cargo version of the vehicle that can carry up to six tons of cargo in a pressurized and unpressurized compartments. The device offers 16 Draco engines for maneuvering during the mission and 8 SuperDraco engines used in emergency rescue crew.

In 2019, the company held a demonstration flight Crew Dragon, during which the spacecraft successfully docked with the ISS and then returned to Earth. May 30, 2020 for the first time SpaceX launched the Dragon Crew with the astronauts on Board. The launch was successful and after 12 minutes after launch the spacecraft separated from the second stage of the rocket. The flight to the ISS for Crew Dragon takes approximately 19 hours. May 31 at 11:45 Moscow time, the ship was awakened by the crew in the person of Douglas Hurley (Douglas Hurley) and Bob Behnken (Bob Behnken) song “Planet Caravan” of Black Sabbath, and the astronauts began to prepare for docking.

After a few maneuvers of rapprochement Crew Dragon proceeded to the final stages: first, it stabilized its position relative to the station, and stopped exactly opposite the docking station IDA-2 American module “Harmony” at a distance of 220 metres. After inspection of the main systems of the ship began the transition to the last critical point at a distance of 20 meters from the docking station. After that Dragon Crew started the final approach and soon the docking adapters of the station and vehicle have made contact.

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