Data from volunteers helped the algorithms to count the penguins

The creators of the project, Penguin Watch, in which anyone can count Antarctic penguins in the pictures, used spaced data to create two algorithms that automatically count penguins. First, Pengbot based on computer vision algorithm, and the second on clustering according to labeled by volunteers. In absolute terms, the second algorithm outperforms the first (or rather it), but it is more effective to use both: this is to avoid the limitations of volunteer and computer counting, write the scientists in the Scientific Data.

Several years ago, Fiona Jones (Fiona Jones) from Oxford University and her colleagues organized a volunteer project Penguin Watch, which was established 91 the camera to monitor penguins in Antarctica and on nearby Islands. Photos offered to everyone: several thousand photos volunteers celebrated adult penguins, Chicks and eggs. All observers considered 74 thousands of images, which they then checked researchers have found that volunteers find the penguins in 96 percent of cases (though have difficulties to distinguish a bird from an adult).

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