Developed by a global system of satellite Internet OneWeb bankrupt

Company OneWeb, creating the eponymous global system of satellite Internet service, has filed an application for bankruptcy. It was planned that the company will be placed in low-earth orbit satellites 650, and 74 of the apparatus is already running. OneWeb along with SpaceX was one of two companies that have embarked on the creation of global groups of satellites to provide Internet access.

The OneWeb project assumes that the system will consist of 650 satellites, which are located in 12 different planes with an orbital altitude of 1200 kilometers. For the creation of units responsible Airbus Defence and Space. The satellites must communicate with the user terminals or large ground stations. Almost all the runs had to be carried out byn Soyuz rockets from the Kourou cosmodrome Baikanur and: the exception is the contract with Virgin Orbit launch 39 satellites on the rocket LauncherOne.

OneWeb, the first of six satellites was launched rocket “Soyuz-SAT” in February 2019. Testing of satellites and terminals has shownthat they are able to provide speed up to 400 megabits per second and response time from the satellite at 30 milliseconds. Then on 6 February and 21 March 2020 held its first full runs on 34 devices for launch from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

Despite interim successes, OneWeb has announced that are unable to obtain financing, which would launch the remaining satellites and ground stations. The reason for this the company calls the world economic crisis associated with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. For data sources Finantial Times, OneWeb was trying to receive investment of two billion dollars from SoftBank, but the deal fell through a few hours before the launch of 34 satellites, last March 21.

From the editor

Bankruptcy does not necessarily mean that the company is winding down all its projects and close them — she just says it no longer can fulfill its obligations to creditors. OneWeb filed for a bankruptcy, which allows it to sell its assets to another company, which may deem the project profitable and to continue its development. It should be noted that OneWeb has already tried in the beginning of the year to find funds to continue their activities, but are unable because of the situation in the global economy. In parallel with the project OneWeb is developing and the Starlink project from SpaceX and the company plans to use a lot more satellites and has achieved more substantial success, running into the orbit of the satellite 362. Given these factors, we can assume that OneWeb will have difficulty finding the company, according to develop the project in its current form.

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