Development of Russian combat robot “Marker” will be completed in 2021

developers will finish work on the project of a universal platform fighting robots “Marker” in 2021. About it as reports RIA Novosti, said Deputy General Director of the Foundation for advanced studies Vitaly Davydov. According to him, the project needs to be created five demonstrators platforms with different payload modules.

Platform combat robots “Marker” is developed from the beginning of 2018, the company “Android technology”. The platform is developed by a modular principle. In the future, this solution enables you to quickly change the payload of a monitoring system and to upgrade the robot.

The platform can be equipped with various modules of the payload, including module with opto-electronic detection system and observation with six independent degrees of rotation. On this module you can set different types of small arms, grenade and rocket weapons.

The platform can also be equipped with a cassette module for launching drones. This module allows you to run a small group of drones that can act both together and separately. The aircraft and ground platform can share data and targeting information on detected objects.

When driving in rough terrain or urban development, multi-spectral vision system “Marker” gathers information on all moving and stationary objects at a distance of 100 meters. These data are used for automatic plotting and adjustments of the route.

According to Davydov, the aim of the project is to develop new technologies To date for the project “the Token” was created by two tracked platform with a unified payload module and cluster module for launching drones. It is also plannedthat in one of the module options robot “Marker” will be equipped with loitering munitions.

At the end of last year it was reportedthat then army has completed the state trials of the advanced robotic complex “Kungas”. This year, the military plans to begin experimental troop operation of the complex.

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