Dinosaurs in the city!

Strangers on the streets

A few years ago, a lover of birds from the Norwegian town moss lived Indian ringed parrot Gunnar. Like most other animals on the cellular content, he wasn’t happy in prison, but as a representative of a highly intelligent species, obviously wanted to explore the world. In late summer of 2014, the cell Gunnar, stood in the yard, fell, the door of it swung open, and a parrot, taking advantage of the moment, performed both her long-standing desire: to spread your wings and went to explore the nearest interesting object. (Unfortunately, we do not know what it is.)

By nature smart, Gunnar figured out how to get food, watching the Raven (though at times they fought with him). The shelter he is also currently provided, or is unlikely to survive the Scandinavian winter — and not just one, but five.

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