DJI introduced the folding Mavic quadrocopter Air 2 with receiver ADS-B

Company DJI introduced DJI quadcopter folding Mavic Air 2. The main change compared with the previous version was increased the duration of the flight — now it is 34 minutes. In addition, the drone got a new camera module and the ability to broadcast video to the remote operator at a distance of 10 kilometers, and version for North America also got a receiver dependent surveillance ADS-B. Mavic Air 2 will go on sale may 11 at a price of 75990 rubles or 799 dollars.

Quadcopters in recent years have become quite user-friendly to operate, but most models are too large to, for example, to carry them in a backpack. DJI introduced in 2016, my first quadcopter with collapsible shoulders. They flutter to the body, and the screws are formed, which can significantly reduce the size of the apparatus when being transported. Since then, the company has introduced several models with that design, and now has released a new version of the lightweight drone Mavic Air.

Mavic Air 2 resembles the previous model, but is more heavy (570 grams versus 430) and more — now its dimensions when folded are 18 9.7 8.4 cm. Weight mainly increased because of a battery: it weighs almost 200 grams and allows the drone to fly for 34 minutes, whereas the previous version of Mavic Air only enough for 21 minutes.

Changes were made to the camera. As before, it is mounted on the three axes active suspension, but within a new matrix of larger size and with a resolution of 48 megapixels. It allows you to shoot video with a 4K resolution and 60 frames per second or FullHD with a frequency of 240 fps, and time lapse in the resolution of 8K.

In Drona installed sensors to track obstacles in front and behind, is able to detect objects at a distance of 44 meters and a speed of 12 meters per second. This allows the drone to automatically stop in front of obstacles or go around them and continue on. In addition, the drone has a sensor on the bottom surface that helps when landing in the dark.

Another innovation concerned the transmission of video from the camera of the drone to the operator panel. Now, in the US the console will be able to stream video in FullHD resolution and 30 frames per second at a distance of 10 kilometers. In, as in other regions outside the zone of FCC certification, the maximum transmission distance is six kilometers.

The new quadcopter also there is unique feature — it is equipped with a receiver automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast ADS-B. This is a standard system for monitoring the movement of aircraft used mostly on airplanes. Because of this the drone will be able to get information about that in dangerous proximity thereto contains or will contain at the current trajectory of the aircraft. In this case, as almost all serial drones, Mavic Air 2 is equipped with a map enclosed air areas, so with the standard software it can’t fly over the territories of the airports. Receiver ADS-B equipped-only version of the drone for North America.

The cost of the basic configuration Mavic Air 2 is 75 990 rubles, and in the US it costs 799 dollars, excluding taxes. The drone will arrive may 11.

In February, significantly simplified the legal flying drones weighing from 250 grams up to 30 kilograms. Now, with several conditions, the owner will be able to run a drone without obtaining a permit for each flight.

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