DJI introduced the industrial drone with a 55-minute flight duration

Company DJI introduced the quadcopter Matrice 300 RTK, designed for industrial applications. Without a load it is able to hold in the air for 55 minutes and with maximum payload at 2.7 kgs its charge lasts for 31 minutes. In the American version of the drone can transmit video at a resolution of 960p to a distance of 15 kilometers.

Almost all civil drones today are of the design of the quadcopter or hexacopter. The main reason is that these drones are easy to produce and can manage them easily as parameters (by changing the thrust of propellers), and operators. The price for this simplicity lies in the fact that quadcopters have low energy efficiency. In addition, almost all serial multicopters run on batteries and not kerosene or other fuels that have energy density orders of magnitude higher than lithium-ion batteries. As a result, most of the drones produced in recent years, have flight duration of 20 to 30 minutes.

DJI introduced a new version of industrial quadcopter Matrice 300 RTK, which is the duration of the flight greatly exceeds this figure. The maximum duration is 55 minutes, and with the increase of the payload mass drops to 31 minutes. With one camera from DJI flight duration varies from 43 to 48 minutes. For fixing cameras or additional equipment can be used up to three hangers. The quadcopter uses a circuit with two independent batteries, so if necessary, you can land the drone and to change one of the batteries without turning it off.

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