Drivers overtook cyclists at risk of death from all causes

Scientists on a sample of almost 395 thousand Britons showed the relationship between the preferred kind of movement, mortality and incidence of cancer. The healthiest way was the bike compared with those who prefer to travel by private vehicles, cyclists 20 percent lower mortality rate, and 24 and 16 percent lower mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer, and 11 percent less likely to diagnose myself with cancer. Article published in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health.

A healthy lifestyle requires a certain level of physical activity. For those who have not enough time to play sports, suggest more exercise for example, walking at night, in the morning to do exercises, but in order to get to work by bike (or walking). In particular, several years ago, scientists already showed that those who commute to work by bike, lose weight worse exercises and brisk walking is associated with reduced risk of death from all causes.

However, large population studies have confirmed the link between preferred method of movement, health and mortality, in fact, not so much. To hold it was decided by scientists under the leadership of Richard Patterson (Richard Patterson) from the University of Cambridge. For this they used the Census data for residents of England and Wales: for the analysis of selected information about 394746 the British, who at the time of the 1991 census were over the age of 16 and updated information about yourself on subsequent censuses in 2001 and 2011.

Scientists have considered as the preferred method of transportation (personal vehicles, public transport, Bicycle or Hiking) are correlated with mortality (total, cancer and cardiovascular diseases) and cancer incidence. The analysis also included data on age, gender, socioeconomic status, having a permanent partner, the presence of chronic diseases, education, and the availability of cars and population density in the place of residence of the participant. All these data are considered as side variables.

Over the surveyed period from various causes died 13983 Briton, of whom 3172 from cardiovascular disease, and 6509 — cancer (the number of registered cancer cases amounted to 20890 people). Compared with the group who prefer to travel by a private vehicle, among those who more often used the bike, the number of deaths from all causes was lower by 20 percent, from cardiovascular disease by 24 per cent and from cancer by 16 percent and cancer was diagnosed in 11 percent less. Among those who used public transport, the all-cause mortality was 10 percent lower mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases is below 21 percent, and diagnosed with cancer were found in 12 percent less. Those who prefer to walk, also less commonly diagnosed cancer by seven percent.

Scientists, therefore, pointed to the use of more active types of transportation compared to private vehicles. They also said that they were not able to detect the difference in this respect among people with different socioeconomic status: active movement, according to them, it is useful for everyone.

Most often recommendations for healthy lifestyle relate to physical health and prevention. They, however, may help the brain: at the end of last year, researchers found that recommendations for “core” also help to improve memory and attention.

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