Dwarf pigs are not turned to the person in impossible tasks

The ethologists from Hungary compared the behavior of dogs and dwarf pigs in a neutral situation and in the solution of impossible tasks. In the first case both equally interacted with someone sitting next to people, but in a difficult situation dogs much more often looked at the man, and pigs have long tried to solve the problem. However, the authors of an article published in the journal Animal Cognition, do not rush to conclusions about the persistence and autonomy of pigs — perhaps the proposed task is simply closer to their natural way of foraging.

Pets and even some wild mammals enter into a communicative relationship with the person. The most “sociable” Pets, of course, is dogs, from an early age they are looking for the opinion of the owner, and in the solution of complex problems looked at the man. And cats raised in captivity wolves are less looking for human help and cope with their own difficulties — perhaps the fact that the first is not too social, and the second are wild animals.

Scientists from Hungary under the leadership of Paula Perez Fraga (Fraga Paula Pérez) from the University of Budapest decided to test whether other social Pets when solving complex tasks behave the same as dogs. For comparison, chose dwarf pigs that are kept as Pets, these animals are as social as dogs.

Ten seven-month-old piglets and 12 puppies of the same age, who two months lived with the people, proposed the following task. Scientists placed the Goodies in a transparent container in the first task of its cover is easily shifted, and the second was closed, so the animals couldn’t get to the food. Before the attempt, into the room came the owner of the animal and the experimenter sat at an equal distance from the container. Movement of Pets were recorded on camera.

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