E Ink showed a prototype of a folding touchscreen device with a stylus and backlight

The company E Ink has developed a prototype e-book with a flexible screen e-ink, touch screen and stylus support. Also, the device has two led panels work in the dark — they are folded and Shine on the screen, reports Goodereader.

In the last couple of years began to appear the serial devices (mainly smartphones) with a flexible screen, as well as several lower-tech counterparts with two separate screens. Their main advantage over conventional devices is that when the same area of the screen they take up much less space: the tablet can be folded to the size of a smartphone, and the TV to twist in a small Cabinet. But all of these devices have screens with organic LEDs (OLED), having a self-illuminating pixels without a layer of liquid crystal and a flexible polymer substrate.

Earlier, E Ink showed early prototypes of flexible displays with electronic ink, but they had a large bend radius, were deprived of the touch layer and as a whole were far from real applications. A new prototype Japanese research division of the company is deprived of some disadvantages and much more like a pre-production device.

A prototype is a e-book with a monochrome screen e-ink with a diagonal of 10.3 inches. It includes a touch from the Wacom layer that detects touch by fingers and stylus. Around him there are pretty large frames: the right frame displays five control buttons on the top and bottom middle is a hinge mechanism and part of the upper frame is the backlight. It is made in two separate sections that can be bent 90 degrees to the side of the screen. You can then enable hidden under the top layer, a backlight that will illuminate the screen.

There are serial and experimental foldable device, in which the combined full LCD screen and the screen is e-ink. For example, a prototype of such a device in 2018 showed Intel. This allows to combine in one device the energy efficiency of electronic ink and the color and refresh rate of LCD screens.

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