Engineers have created a high-speed robomouse

American engineers have developed a soft pneumatic actuators for robots fully padded and based on them created robomouse, able to move faster of these jellyfish. The design uses pre –
the deformed elements due to the voltage at which the actuator is able
quickly change shape under the action of compressed air, and switch between
the stable States. Article published in the journal Advanced Materials

Soft robots created from fully soft
materials have long attracted the attention of engineers and scientists. Such devices can be useful there
which requires safe interaction with the environment or person — for example, in
medicine. Mobility completely soft robots is usually based on tension,
compression, bending, shear and torsional actuators for them are made of soft elastic materials, and are driven they
using Pneumatics or hydraulics.

The lead author of the study, Indin Chi (Yinding Chi) and his colleagues from the University of North Carolina
and temple University has developed an improved pneumatic actuator for soft robots. Their new work was a continuation of the previous project, in which engineers created a robot based on soft actuator with bistable spine with a spring, so that it could move at a gallop.

In the new study, engineers have built actuators of two forms: in the form of a short tape or disk. Each of these devices consists of layers of elastomeric material (silicone Ecoflex). The bottom layer was subjected to preliminary tension: tape was stretched along the long dimension, and the discs radially. The result of the tape was curved, whereas the CDs took the form of a dome. In the next step the stretched layer bonded with an unstrained layer of the same material, inside which there are air channels. Because of the mechanical stresses in the stretched lower layer whole, the resulting structure is deformed, keeping it stable.

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