Erogenous zones of your own body and partner’s body was a mirror

Psychologists have found that the parts of the body partner, the touching of which stirs, coincide with the erogenous zones of the subject, that is an erogenous map of your own body and partner’s body mirror. In addition, the researchers built the first visual map of erogenous zones, but also found that men often excite areas of the body that are erogenous zones women than Vice versa. Article published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Erogenous zones are not limited to human genitalia that is not obviously from an evolutionary point of view, however, only a few works devoted to mapping the excitatory areas of the body. But these studies are far from complete: for example, they have erogenous zones was determined only for the body of the subject, but not a partner. Meanwhile, bring a can and touching certain parts of the body partner. It remains unclear how to relate the map of erogenous zones on yourself and the partner and whether the same land, touching which excite one of the partners, with parts that love to touch the second.

In addition, scientists still have not tried to build a map of erogenous zones for other modalities, in addition to tactile, although the excitation cause not only touching, but also, for example, views on certain areas of the body.

To address these gaps in understanding erogenous zones is decided by the psychologists from the UK under the leadership of Lara Maister (Maister, Lara) from the University of Bangor. They conducted an online survey among 407 women and 206 men (participants who answered all questions, took part in the draw of two iPad Mini) — those noted on the 11-point scale how they were initiated 41 area of your own body or partner’s body when one touches or looks.

Using the method of principal component estimates of volunteers, the researchers divided the body into three groups: sexual (those that most are erogenous and directly involved in sexual behavior, such as genitals, Breasts, nipples), sensitive (those that are used to sensual touch, foreplay and massage: head, neck, shoulders, lips) and newsbecause (those that received the lowest scores: elbows, knees, chin).

On average, men estimated the sexual part of his body lower than women, and areas of the body partner — on the contrary, higher (p < 0.0001). Men higher priced areas of sexual partner than the same zone, and women — on the contrary (p < 0.0001). This means that men are more exciting to touch and look at the body of the partner than when the partner touches him or looks at them, and women — on the contrary.

For sensitive areas the ratio has turned the other: women have higher estimated the level of excitation from the sensitive areas of partner than from their own (p < 0.0001), and among men the difference between her sensational plots and the same areas of the partner was not.

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