Europeans experienced a fully automated aerial refueling aircraft

The European aircraft concern Airbus tested an automatic system for refueling aircraft in the air, control the refueling boom of the aircraft is the operator. According to the message of the concern, it was the world’s first such test. The test took place in early 2020, and was considered completely successful.

The first method of refueling planes in the air with the fuel rods suggested that American aircraft building concern Boeing in the mid 1950-ies. Due to the rigid refueling rod can pump the fuel tanks of the aircraft-recipient under more pressure than today another common system — the “hose-cone”.

While refueling via gas bar is extremely difficult, as it requires alignment of the two planes runs and runs — with respect to each other. In the filling process the operator controls the refueling boom, adjusting her angle and length to compensate for minor changes in distance between the aircraft during the flight.

For the first time on the development of an automatic system for refueling aircraft in the air with the fuel rod Airbus announced in 2016. The new system is called A3R. It is able in real time to recognize the high-definition video gas bar, other aircraft, as well as special marking provisions the filler neck on the refueled aircraft.

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