Exercise and diet cured two-thirds of young diabetics

Regular exercise and a diet with a calorie restricted total for the year achieved remission 61% of patients with diabetes of the second type. According to the authors of a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, such impressive results are associated with youth participants who were 18 to 50 years. However, scientists do not doubt that a healthy lifestyle can alleviate the effects of diabetes at any age.

Diabetes type II diabetes is a serious disease with many complications, from blindness to paralysis. Its causes are not yet clear. However, a growing body of evidence demonstrating that type II diabetes is curable. And in some cases remission can be achieved solely through changes in lifestyle.

A team of researchers headed Sagrada of Taheri (Shahrad Taheri) from a branch of the Medical College Cornell medical in Doha decided to evaluate the effectiveness of the diet and exercise as a means of dealing with diabetes. Scientists recruited a group of 158 volunteers, whose diabetes was diagnosed more than three years ago. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 50 years, mean 42 years.

Participants randomly divided into two subgroups, the first of which received a standard aid in diabetes. Patients from the second asked for 12 weeks to adhere to the so-called Cambridge low calorie diet. Following 12 weeks was transient, after which the volunteer was transferred to a less strict diet, which, however, still demanded control over the amount of calories consumed. In addition to changes in diet, the participants of the pilot sub-group encouraged to make ten thousand steps a day and to devote at least 150 minutes a week exercise.

After the first year of the study revealed that participants who followed a calorie-reduced diet and regularly exercising, the average dropped twelve pounds. For comparison, the progress of the patients from the control subgroup were much more modest — minus four pounds.

Moreover, 61 percent volunteers from the experimental subgroup has achieved remission of diabetes. In the control subgroup with similar success could be achieved only 12 percent of the participants.

The same teststhat are conducted in 2014-2017 experts from the UK, let to cure diabetes 46 percent of the volunteers who adhered to the diet and performing exercises. Impressive results of the new experiment is probably due to the average age of the participants: he was ten years less than in the British study.

The authors believe that calorie restriction and charging can ease the life of patients with diabetes at any age. However, as the results of their research, the earlier we start the transition to a healthy lifestyle, the stronger the effect.

Many patients with diabetes require injections of insulin or its analogues. Unfortunately, these medications begin to act only after 15-30 minutes after the injection. In an attempt to get more rapid means of reducing the level of glucose in the blood, the researchers designed a hybrid mini-insulin, inspired by the venom of predatory snails-cone. It is not formed complexes of molecules that allows it to act almost instantly.

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