“ExoMars” was postponed for two years. Including due to coronavirus

and European developers decided to postpone for two years the launch of a joint scientific mission “Eczemas”. According to the message of “Roscosmos”, the reason for the postponement was the need for additional tests, which should confirm full readiness of all systems of the Rover. Among other reasons for migrating — coronavirus pandemic, adversely affecting the development of the project.

According to the message of the European space Agency in the framework of the additional tests on the project “Eczemas”, space launch which was earlier scheduled for July 2020, will be audited software of the spacecraft and Rover, and their major components and assemblies. The Agency also confirmed that the deteriorating epidemiological situation in Europe has affected negatively the project implementation period.

Roskosmos and the European space Agency engage in joint implementation of the project “Eczemas” in 2012. The main goal of the mission is to determine whether there was ever life on Mars and whether it can exist there now. The program is divided into two stages, the first of which was carried out in 2016, when Mars was running the station “ExoMars-2016”. It consisted of a scientific Orbiter Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO)and the demonstration of the descent module “Schiaparelli”that crashed while landing because of a software bug.

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