Facebook has patented hand tracking by radioizluchenie on the fingers

The company Facebook has patented a system for tracking hand position using a small transponder on the ends of the fingers. The patent also describes a glove with multiple transmitters and a receiving system that separates the signals from each transducer, calculates their location and restores the shape of the hand. Patent drew attention to the Patently Apple.

System motion capture often used in the film and in virtual reality. There are some standard tracking methods. For professional projects often use external system, which consists of high-speed infrared cameras on the walls and infrared markers on their clothes. This is quite inconvenient and extremely expensive system, so in home VR systems, is usually used gloves that track the position of the brush, and a separate massive beacon on the arm that allows the base station near the computer to track its location. Also in recent years began to develop a system for hand tracking using cameras and computer vision algorithms. In particular, at the end of 2019 this feature appeared in the Oculus Quest, which is developing a Facebook-owned company.

In a new patent engineers from Facebook have described a method of tracking pose of a brush for many radioizluchenie. It is expected that the system will consist of two parts: a glove and a tracking station nearby, for example, on the Desk at the computer or console. In the glove there are several transponders for millimeter waves. They can be located at the ends of the fingers and on other parts of the brush for more precise tracking.

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