Festo put raboroko on the ball

German company Festo has introduced vertical robot with one arm, balancing and riding on the ball. At the end of the arm mounted brush touch surfaces and depth, through which the robot can recognize objects and navigate.

A balancing robot with an unstable design for a long time and now there are many commercial devices of this type, such as gyrometer. They move on wheels: usually two, but sometimes one, as in the case of monowheels. In General, it is convenient and time-tested scheme, but it has drawbacks. One of them is that when turning it may not dramatically shift to the side, and instead forced to travel in an arc.

Gyrometers there is also an alternative in the form of a robotbalancing on a ball. They are not yet applied in practice, partly due to the fact that until recently they were unable to simultaneously maintain a stable position and to perform other actions. Last year, Swiss engineers developed and published an algorithm for such robots, allowing them to perform actions using raboroko.

Now, Festo together with some authors, this development introduced a new robot with noticeable improvements in design and algorithms. The robot stands on the ball and is in contact with the three Omni-directional wheels with electric motors that can rotate on its axis, but also provided with cylinders in order for the ball to slide in the perpendicular direction. Due to this, the robot can go in any direction, changing the ratio of torque to the three wheels.

Unlike the robot, which Swiss engineers have shown in the past year, the ball and the frame around it almost does not protrude beyond the boundaries of the upper part of the body. The robot has two cameras and the depth of the inertial unit, allowing it to move, balance, and focus. In the upper part of the housing is fixed manipulator with two segments and two motors, and at the end is a brush.

She repeats in design human hand has five fingers. They operate Autonomous pneumatic system working with compressed air and piezoelectric valves. Hand can compress the individual fingers and feel the compression force and contact with other objects with the touch surface. Also at the base of the hand installed another camera depth responsible for accurate capture of objects.

Festo is known for its robots, in design and principle of motion resembling animals. For example, the engineers of this company developed robosource, robotic counterparts flying foxes, spider and kangaroo, as well as floating in the water and flying in the air jellyfish.

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