Fighter the Gripen E has been tested by frost

Swedish company Saab in the winter of 2020 tested fighter JAS-39E Gripen E frost. As reports Defense Aerospace, the tests were carried out in Vidsel in the North of Sweden at ambient temperatures of -20 to -26 degrees Celsius.

Test equipment at low temperatures allows to check the work of its onboard systems and engines in various environments, including after the “freezing”. The latter implies that the aircraft stood in the cold for several days in a row without turning on the engines and warming up. The test of frost is one of the ways to assess the reliability of the equipment.

During testing of Gripen E in low temperature conditions, the developers tested the fighters on the possibility of the engine starting, from the point of view of machine maintenance. In addition, advanced combat aircraft performed a series of flight and landing with braking on snowy and icy runway. All the validation is deemed successful.

The development of Gripen E was conducted with the use of solutions and technologies used to create the demonstrator Gripen NG. The latter was created to show the modernization potential of a family of fighter aircraft JAS-39 Gripen, which appeared in the late 1980-ies and passed into service of Sweden in 1997.

In the Gripen E has an upgraded American F414G engine, radar with an active phased array antenna Raven ES-05 and the fuel tanks of increased volume. Through refinements of the fuel system and the power plant increased maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft and its flight range compared to previous-generation Gripen.

New Gripen E capable of cruising supersonic flight. This means that the time of flight of the aircraft at supersonic speed will be limited supply of fuel. The engine of the fighter will not use the afterburner to maintain supersonic speed.

Gripen E is equipped with two additional points of suspension and can carry more compared to the normal Gripen combat load. The fighter was fly-by-wire control system, new communication equipment and infrared tracking system.

The aircraft has a new self-protection system including a warning system radar illumination and warning of approaching missiles.

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