First flight of Japanese fighter development planned for 2028

The government of Japan has identified the key terms under which you will be designing, testing and serial production of advanced fighter NGF, which will replace the troops, the ageing Mitsubishi F-2. As writes Defense News, according to schedule, the Assembly of the first flight model of combat aircraft will begin in 2024, but its flight testing will take place in 2028. Serial production is scheduled to deploy in 2031.

The development of the Japanese fighter engaged in the concern Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which until the end of March 2021 shall prepare preliminary design of combat aircraft. The project authorities impose several requirements, including a relatively small expenditure, obtaining technology of new generation fighters and high modernization potential of NGF. Overall, the project is the development of the fighter is estimated at $ 40 billion.

Design images of NGF was published by the Ministry of defence of Japan at the end of last year. It shows the plane with deflected fins and missing horizontal tail. Glider fighter displayed tapered with a characteristic saw-tooth joints of some elements. This indicates the intention to use in the design of combat aircraft technology stealth. Military aircraft scheduled to perform twin-engine.

NGF, obviously, you will get the internal weapons bays, but the design of the aircraft will be provided and the outer suspension arms. The plane will be made single. Initially the Japanese government was planning to involve in the project of combat aircraft, some foreign companies, however, in the spring of 2020 has decided to reduce foreign participation in the project to a minimum.

In the late 2000’s — early 2010-ies in Japan have developed a draft technology demonstrator fighter fifth generation X-2, also known as ATD-X Shinshin. This aircraft made its first flight in April 2016. The project was suspended, since his main goal is considered achieved — the aircraft made several flights, and proved that Japanese designers are able to design a combat aircraft.

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