First flight Pacific air taxi with the closed contour of the wing is scheduled for 2022

The German company e.SAT GmbH has planned first flight air taxi SAT for 2022. Perspective camera with a closed circuit the wing will be able to take on Board up to four passengers, according to Elektrek.

The development of a small passenger plane SAT with the closed contour of the wing, e.SAT GmbH deals in 2015. Special emphasis is placed on low noise — it is expected that at launch the device will issue a noise level of 65 decibels, so it won’t particularly stand out from the background noise of the city. The machine will be installed electrical engines produced by MTU Aero Engines, which will be powered by a generator. The wingspan is 10 meters.

Promising air taxi can carry four passengers, while the developers do not plan to make it Autonomous — control plane will still be a pilot. Maximum takeoff weight is 1,600 pounds, while the SAT will be able to fly at a distance up to 1000 miles at a cruising speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour.

Yet the plane is still in the development stage still represented only layout, and the company has no working prototype. However, the first flight of the SAT is scheduled for 2022, and certification of CS-23 the company plans to complete in 2024, after which the device will be able to carry passengers on a commercial basis.

In Germany there are other developers air taxis such as the Volocopter and Lilium. Volocopter specializiruetsya in the passenger multicopter and close to commercial operation — air taxi Volocopter 2X recently made a first in Singapore. Lilium recent years successfully experiences a passenger electroconvection, but recently they burned the first prototype.

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