For drones and air taxis offered to organize air corridors

The Federal aviation administration of the USA has submitted a plan for the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles and air taxi total air space. As written by Aviation Week, among other things, the plan involves setting up a dedicated air corridors for aircraft of these types.

Currently, many companies develop as air taxis for passenger transport in city and between cities and different classes of drones for delivery of goods, including medicines and food orders.

The emergence of a large number of drones and air taxis in the air can pose a serious threat to the city and its residents, and for other manned aircraft — planes and helicopters. For this reason, today the aeronautical authorities engaged in the elaboration of new rules of flying for air taxi and drones, as well as the creation of prototypes of automatic dispatching systems for flight control.

The plan presented by the Federal office of civil aviation USA, divided into three stages. On the ground aircraft power, suggests small volumes of air traffic, air taxis and the drones obey the applicable rules of the air.

In the second stage across the country are invited to organize dedicated air corridors, which can only be flown manned air taxis and drones. Inside the corridors will operate a special flight rules different from the rules of traffic in shared airspace.

It is expected that the rules will be uniform all over the air corridors, in whatever class of airspace they are passed: G, B, C, D or E. While in the second phase, the drones in the air corridors should be controlled by the operator.

Outside the air corridors flying air taxi and drones will have to be held by the General rules and under the control of an automated control system for drones at the height up to 122 meters or dispatch service when flying at a higher altitude.

The third phase is expected to involve automation. Along with manned air taxis and air taxis unmanned drones would fly under the control of the operators, and in automatic mode (with the supervision of the operator will still be required). The automation of air traffic control will be increase the density in the air corridors.

At the end of last year, the Federal aviation administration of the USA has published a preliminary version of the draft rules remote identification of drones. Under the rules, was all drones must be equipped with a broadcasting system ID and location of the drone on the radio.

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