For Russian fighters will develop a unified engine

Experimental design Bureau named after the Cradle has begun to develop a single engine that can be installed on the fighters of three types — su-27, su-30 and su-35. About it as reports RIA Novosti news Agency, said managing Director of the Bureau of Eugene Semipalitinsk. According to him, revision of the airframe of these aircraft, in order that they could mount the new power plant, will be required. In the construction of a new single engine will be used by the nodes existing power plants.

The su-27, su-30 and su-35 belong to the same family of su-27. Later su-30 and su-35 is structurally based on the “twenty-seventh” and have a certain number of the same components and assemblies. The su-27 and su-30 are mounted turbojet engines AL-31F with afterburner, two on the plane. AL-31F with a length of 4.9 meters and a diameter of 1.2 meters capable of developing a thrust to 75.2 kN and up to 122,6 kN in afterburner mode.

The su-35 fighter jets are equipped with turbofan engines AL-41F1S with afterburner and thrust vector control. This engine with a length of 4.9 meters and a diameter of 1.2 meters can develop to the thrust of 86.3 kN and up to 142,2 kN in afterburner mode.

Earlier, the United engine Corporation has launched the serial production of advanced aircraft engine PD-14 for medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21. Development of a turbofan engine PD-14 was conducted in 2008. This is the first new aircraft engine ofn design over the past 30 years. Powerplant designed specifically for the MS-21. In addition airliner more powerful version of PD-14 can be installed on the Tu-214 and Il-96.

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