Four-legged robot Boston Dynamics has received in the free market

Boston Dynmics announcedthat a four-legged robot Spot is now able to purchased by any American company, not just the selected organization. The cost of the robot is 74500 dollars, and the delivery time is six to eight weeks. With the robot you can purchase additional sensors and computational units.

Initially developed by Boston Dynamics quadruped robots for the military. It was assumed that this design will make much more practical for operations on uneven terrain, e.g., mountains. However, after testing, the us military refused from the idea of using four-legged robots, after which the company switched to a commercial development. Spot is the first commercial robot Boston Dynamics, the current version of which was submitted in 2017 (then it was called SpotMini). It has four legs driven by electric motors, a variety of visual sensors on all four sides, as well as the adapter on the back, which can be mounted raboroko or any third-party equipment for this company in the beginning of the year released SDK.

Initially in 2019, the company began limited production Spot, but got only the projects approved by the company. In addition, at the time she gave the robots only leasing. Now Boston Dynamics has launched on its website an online store which sells the robot, and equipment and services for him. Currently purchase is only available to businesses in the U.S., but no additional restrictions no.

In the normal version the robot is 74.5 thousand dollars, you must also leave a refundable Deposit of one thousand dollars. The buyer can order multiple robots. In the first stage of sales the cost of shipping is included in the price, and its duration is from six to eight weeks. In addition to the robot kit comes with two battery pack, charging, keypad, covers and software. In the shop you can also purchase additional computing units, blocks of sensors, including lidar, as well as enhanced support. However roborate that Boston Dynamics had planned to provide as an option, not in the store.

Similar in design but smaller robot also produces a Chinese company Unitree Robotics. In may, she announced about the development of the new version, the cost of which shall be less than 10 thousand dollars. Also four-legged robot for commercial application developed by the company ANYbotics, but its price is still unknown.

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