Full-sized exoskeleton Guardian XO showed in different scenarios

The Robotics company Sarcos has published a video that demonstrated the application of a full-sized exoskeleton Guardian XO to solve different problems. Including baggage handling at the airports, for which the exoskeletons are already actually used in the framework of the joint pilot project Sarcos and Delta Air Lines.

Available today production models of exoskeletons sharpened by running a specific task and usually amplify only a specific part of the body, such as the exoskeleton for the legs from LG. This allows you to build lighter and more efficient devices, but these exoskeletons are not suitable for other tasks and not enough like a full-sized robotic suits of science fiction.

The development of a full exoskeleton is engaged in a U.S. Robotics company Sarcos. For a long time the prototypes were on hydraulics and required a skilled operator to manage, but with the development of robotics have the opportunity to go to the electric company and at the beginning of 2019 has announcedthat it is working on the creation of the first production full-sized exoskeleton, and for control they do not need to possess specific skills. At the end of 2019 Sarcos presented model, which was called Guardian, XO. The exoskeleton can lift up to 90 pounds, the operator will feel the strain at 4.5 pounds.

In early 2020, the company launched a pilot project with Delta Air Lines, in which the exoskeletons are used for loading Luggage, and now Sarcos showed other possible application scenarios Guardian XO. In the published video, the exoskeleton is not only used for loading bags and boxes on the conveyor belt and shelving, but performs other tasks, for example, helps to push a cart with a heavy load and mount the wheel.

For moving cargo using different nozzles on raboroko. So, for suitcases and heavy boxes with rope handles use long hooks, and for shifting the tire — head with two curved bottom plates. The video also shows that the operator can easily release the control handle raboroko and make some small movements himself.

It should be noted that the speed and amplitude of movements of the exoskeleton is limited in hardware and software, so as not to injure the person in case of failure of the device, and these limitations are visible in the video. This is especially noticeable when walking as the operator of the exoskeleton is moving a small, accurately fixed steps.,

Guardian XO — not the first production robotic product Sarcos Robotics. In 2017, the company introduced a remotely controlled robot Guardian GT, whose hands have seven stepeni freedom and able to lift up to 450 kilograms of cargo. To control them, the operator uses a separate exoskeleton controller and virtual reality glasses.

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