Future lunar station will receive a radiation detector and a space “station”

NASA chose the first two
scientific tool that will be placed on the future Gateway station in orbit around the moon. On Board the spacecraft will
to be developed in Europe the level detector of radiation and American
the tool to monitor space weather, says the NASA website.

Gateway is an international
the project is a manned station orbiting the moon. According to plans, the station should be
the first relatively long-term place in the lives of people beyond low Earth orbit. On
the first stage, the crew will study the moon and outer space, and
in the future the station should be used as a staging point for manned missions to Mars.

Gateway is
of several modules which are independently displayed in the space. According to
preliminary schedule, the first part of the station will start in 2022, and to
2024 will be ready the minimum package of two modules suitable for
short stay a small crew. There are plans for the development of
station until at least 2028.

The first two selected
Gateway to scientific instruments were measuring radiation and space weather. The first develops the European space Agency, the instrument will help assess the impact of different types of
radiation on the health of the crew. Second is created by NASA and will follow up on determining
space weather particles arriving from the Sun, solar

Radiation safety
for the Gateway plays a more important role than for the ISS. This is due to several
factors but the main one is the impossibility of rapid evacuation to the Ground and
the lack of protection from charged particles as the Moon has a hundred thousand times
a weaker magnetic field than the Earth.

Space weather and
particular, solar flares are also relatively weak influence on the cosmonauts on
ISS. However, the lunar orbit (and especially on the way to Mars) these
the impact will be much stronger. As posed by Sun space
plasma is very dynamic, it requires detailed data concerning the parameters for
reliable predictions for long periods of time.

In the future, NASA will select a number of scientific instruments to Gateway. Agency
going to pay special attention to the conditions of the near-moon space and
opening up the polar orbit, which allows regular
to observe the pole of a celestial body, almost inaccessible to study with
the surface of the Earth.

What to expect from the project’s international base on the lunar orbit Gateway we wrote in the material “intermediate station”.

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