Germany refuses night lights for insects

The environment Ministry of Germany has drafted a bill for the protection of insects. For their protection it is planned to refuse from the inclusion of projectors in the cities at night for 10 months of the year and significantly restrict the use of insecticides. Germany could become the first state to abandon night-lighting for environmental reasons. The news Agency AFP published on

Decline of insect populations has become a key environmental problem in all developed countries. The main reason for this is the use of insecticides, artificial lighting, and climate change. Insecticides aimed at protecting the crop against insect pests, but this point impact requires carefully calibrated regime of spraying that will cause minimum damage to the rest of the insects, as well as highly selective active substance. One of the main victims of careless pesticide handling is bees. They are needed to pollinate most agricultural crops and wild plants, but only one in our country due to the application of pesticides annually dies 20-40 percent of bee colonies.

The Ministry of the environment of Germany , presented a bill to protect the insects. It includes measures to control night lighting and the use of insecticides. According to the draft night lighting using spotlights is planned to be banned within 10 months of the year, and the requirements for street lights — to tighten, so they have minimal impact on plants and insects. Insecticides shall be used in all national parks, and closer than 5-10 meters from the main reservoirs.2023 Germany will gradually abandon glyphosate is a popular herbicide used in weed control, but simultaneously destroys many insects. As a critical protection zones specified insects orchards and stone walls.

A prerequisite to the formation of the bill was a petition on the protection of the bees, published in April 2019 and with around 1.75 million signatures. The Bavarian government has to pay attention to her and made her the main proposals for safeguards in the bill, bypassing the referendum. Germany could become the first country to limit night lighting for environmental reasons.

However, there are insects that benefit from human activities: recently, scientists have foundthat for most insect pests climate change may be considered beneficial — their range expands due to warming in high latitudes.

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